Tenant Retention with Strategic Turn-Key Solution

100 York Blvd. Richmond Hill

Planning and turn-key construction management services provided for a full floor (20,000 sf) tenant as part of a strategic long-term renewal.

Construction management services worked closely with the tenant and leasing teams to develop a four-phase construction program. This involved taking back the tenant’s space in stages, each stage being independent of the other. Scope included a complete demolition, removal of furniture, rebuild to tenant’s new specifications, and reintroduction of the tenant into the space. The 54-day, $1M project, came in on budget and on schedule, without major disruption to the tenant’s business operation.

Asset Type:
Commercial SF:
Services Provided:
Construction management

Value Drivers

  • Alignment with tenant’s vision for the space
  • Project management involvement during the renewal discussions
  • Communication throughout the project with tenant, consultants, contractors and owner
  • Execution of budget and timelines