Asset Management

Offering full asset management services for non-institutional investors.

A boutique offering for private investors

At Colonnade BridgePort we manage a large portfolio of real estate assets for both institutional and private investors. And for every asset, the goal is the same:

Maximize investment returns. Cultivate value. Mitigate risk.

We do this exceptionally well by ensuring that our core services and the management programs we execute are in alignment with the asset’s investment strategy. For institutional clients, this strategy is the responsibility of the Asset Manager, but for private investors, there typically isn’t someone filling this role, and that’s where we can help.

For private investors we provide a tailored service offering that includes both asset strategy review and development, and asset portfolio management. We work with you to develop strategies that unlock asset value and then we execute the plans to maximize performance.

Investment opportunities

As your asset manager we also work with you to curate the right mix of assets in your portfolio. We leverage our expertise in property management, leasing, and investment management to help select the right assets – those compatible with your investment strategy, risk tolerance, and investment goals.

When you are ready to deploy capital, we can serve as your conduit to the marketplace in Ottawa and the GTA by providing opportunities to co-invest with our institutional partners. We match your capital objectives with quality investment opportunities and provide institutional grade governance, reporting, and transparency.

Your conduit to the marketplace
Offering high level of transparency, reporting, and governance
Diversifying your asset portfolio
Robust real estate management platform

Richmond Village Marketplace

Answering Market-Driven Demand for Retail and Grocery Development in an Under-served Market

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Pam Beigel

Pam Beigel

Director, Asset Management

Pam has over 15 years of cross functional real estate experience focusing on asset management, transaction execution, and strategic planning across multiple asset classes. Pam works to ensure Colonnade BridgePort’s core services and management programs align with investment strategies to maximize returns, cultivate value, and mitigate risk.