Your Investment. Our Commitment.

Investment Funds

Colonnade BridgePort’s investment funds enable private investors to access real estate opportunities of a quality and scale typically available only to institutional investors.

Your Investment: Investors in our Funds co-invest in premier-quality real estate projects alongside institutional partners, drawing on Colonnade BridgePort’s long history of partnering private investors with institutional capital.

Our Commitment: As Fund Manager, Colonnade BridgePort applies its full range of broad capabilities, long-standing industry relationships, experience in the market and portfolio of high-quality, near-term projects to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns for Fund investors.

Our current Fund provides investors the opportunity to benefit from exceptionally favourable market conditions by participating in our $2 Billion pipeline of multi-family development projects in transit-oriented locations in the Ottawa market. These five projects are already zoned and positioned for construction and will provide much-needed housing for the city.

Asset Management

Colonnade BridgePort has a long history of acting on behalf of both institutional and private real estate investors to protect and enhance their invested capital.

Your Investment: Irrespective of the type of property in which you have or are considering an investment, we have the experience and resources to maximize your returns and the performance of the asset.

Our Commitment: We draw on the full range of our experience and resources to unlock asset value and execute plans to maximize asset performance and investor returns.

We do this by ensuring the services we provide and management programs we execute are in alignment with an asset’s investment strategy. For institutional clients, this strategy is the responsibility of the Asset Manager, but for private investors, there typically isn’t someone filling this role, and that’s where we can help.

Responsible for the management of your real estate assets, our role is to ensure your asset strategy is properly executed through continuous monitoring of property management and leasing activities and reporting against key metrics. This process ensures your entire team is aligned around the specific objectives of your investment strategy.

As an Asset Management client, you also have access to our Investment Management team to provide the industry-leading transactional, financing, and analytical services outlined below.

Investment Management

Our Investment Management team applies an exceptional range of financing and transactional experience, market intelligence, and analytical expertise to all forms of real estate investment.

Your Investment: Whether you’re acquiring, developing, or selling a property, entering a new market, financing an asset, or deploying capital in real estate in any other fashion, our Investment Management team can assist or take the lead in securing the best possible result.

Our Commitment: For every investment and transaction, our goals are the same:

  • Cultivate value
  • Mitigate risk
  • Maximize investor returns

For acquisitions, we help source assets that meet your requirements and lead the execution of the transaction. For dispositions, we manage the entire process, from marketing through to closing. For financing (or re-financing), we identify the appropriate lender and secure the most effective terms. For developments, we evaluate the market and project in detail and provide industry-leading financial analysis and risk evaluation.

Andrew Blair

Andrew Blair

Managing Partner

Andrew has over 25 years of experience in real estate investment, development and operations. With a unique combination of institutional, private equity, and public company real estate experience across numerous markets and asset classes, Andrew is an internationally respected executive leader.

Pam Beigel

Pam Beigel

Director, Asset Management

Pam has over 15 years of cross functional real estate experience focusing on asset management, transaction execution, and strategic planning across multiple asset classes. Pam works to ensure Colonnade BridgePort’s core services and management programs align with investment strategies to maximize returns, cultivate value, and mitigate risk.

Joost Homan

Joost Homan

Director, Investment Management

Joost has over 15 years of experience in managing investments in the real estate, construction, infrastructure,
and leisure and tourism industries and is closely involved in the management of CBP’s development program.

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