Catastrophic Roof Failure and Replacement

7550 Tranmere Drive. Mississauga

Property management responded to an urgent call from a tenant, following a catastrophic roof failure incident related to a weather microburst on May 4th, 2018.

Roof failure involved a significant section of the 100K sf roof lifting and tearing off the industrial building. Disaster response protocols initiated, the property was immediately secured with involvement from roofing and affiliated contractors. The property management team managed the $615K roof replacement project, which involved insurance adjusters, consultants, and contractors, and was able to provide the tenant with partial use of the building to ensure business continuity. This complicated project was completed over a 60-day period, allowing the tenant to resume normal business operations quickly.

7550 Tranmere Drive, Mississauga
Asset Type:
Single Tenant Industrial
Industrial SF:
Property Owner:
Fiera Real Estate
Services Provided:
Disaster Response and Project Management

Value Drivers

  • Disaster responsiveness
  • Project Management involvement and planning
  • Navigation of complicated scope of work and insurance claim
  • Understanding and planning around tenant’s business continuity operations