What Does the Post-Pandemic Office Look Like? Step Inside and See for Yourself

Ottawa property manager, Colonnade BridgePort, explores the post-pandemic return-to-work and role of the office space in an immersive new campaign.

OTTAWA, July 8, 2021 – As vaccine rollouts accelerate across the country, organizations and their employees have now begun to shift their focus to the return to work. Across industries, many employers are reporting that they will be adopting some form of flexible work strategy, one that takes into consideration the success of the digital workspace throughout the entirety of the pandemic. As a company with a large stake in Ottawa’s commercial real estate, with 6.3M sq.ft. of assets under management in the City, Colonnade BridgePort was particularly interested in giving their clients a first look at what the role of the office space will be post-pandemic, and the conditions that will be necessary for a safe return to work.

“At Colonnade BridgePort, we feel it important to be consistently thinking ahead of the game, on behalf of our clients,” explains Brent Arseneau, Director of Office Leasing at Colonnade BridgePort. “Not only do we feel it valuable to have insight on key trends in the industry, but also on the matters that directly impact our owners and tenants. Doing a deep dive into the post-pandemic workspace aligns with our mandate to provide full-service property management as it allows us to proactively help new or existing tenants find the office space that will be best suited for their return-to-work strategy.”

To explore the post-pandemic office space, Colonnade BridgePort did research into the emerging trends in office space design. Working with Ottawa-based corporate furniture distribution company, NUA Office, the company identified the conditions necessary for a safe return-to-work, and how those can be physically implemented into the workplace. Through a four-part editorial describing the workspace of the future, the company identifies key elements that can be leveraged to ease the transition from virtual working including ergonomics, workspace variety and even biophilia.

Office layout showing improved traffic flow and post-pandemic features, for Suite 200 at 81 Metcalfe Street. Designed by NUA Office.

To illustrate the findings of this campaign and create an interactive experience for clients, tenants and industry partners, Colonnade BridgePort brought their research to life in a virtual rendering of the post-pandemic workplace, using an attractive 4200 sq.ft. vacant office space located in the 81 Metcalfe building. The virtually staged interactive tour of the suite allows the viewer to explore the workspace of the future, including post-pandemic office features and design elements.

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