BOMA BEST 4.0 – A Streamlined Approach to Sustainability Certification with an Emphasis on Carbon

The recently introduced BOMA BEST 4.0 provides a more streamlined and practical approach to building certifications, including a completely overhauled sustainable certification stream with an increased emphasis on decarbonization.

“It’s no secret buildings are a major contributor of carbon emissions and reducing this impact is increasing in priority across the real estate industry,” says Director, Commercial Property Management Lynn Heaston. “We applaud BOMA for driving market transformation in this area and for helping to change the future of the built environment.”

At Colonnade BridgePort, over 3.3 million sq.ft. of our managed assets currently have BOMA BEST sustainable buildings certification, and we are committed to working closely with clients and tenants under the new 4.0 guidelines (effective October 1, 2023) to improve energy efficiency and community impacts through the built environment.

What’s new in BOMA BEST 4.0 Sustainable?

  • Condensed areas of focus (from 10 to 6) – Energy & Carbon, Water, Indoor Air Quality & Hazards, Accessibility & Wellness, Custodial & Waste, adding Resilience & Site
  • 16 best practices replaced by 12 baseline practices
  • A shorter questionnaire – 185 questions to 135 questions
  • New BOMA BEST online hub

To learn more about what is changing in BOMA BEST Sustainable, click here.

Or to learn about the full BOMA BEST program, click here.

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