Property management and leasing

We approach every property we manage with the mindset of an owner ensuring the asset thesis is aligned with your investment objectives to create, protect or enhance value throughout the real estate investment lifecycle. Whether your property is office, industrial, retail or residential, our goal is to outperform the market while executing the asset thesis.

Our property management and leasing team work together to execute the asset thesis, report against it and if the asset thesis needs to change, we provide a thorough rationale as to why with a plan to explain what we need to do.

Our team focuses on the entire lease lifecycle, with property-specific marketing strategies based on competitive intelligence and market knowledge. We negotiate leases that protect your interests while delighting tenants to ensure they remain in their space.

What you get:

  • Market knowledge and competitive intelligence
  • Tailored leasing and marketing strategies
  • Industry-leading sales and lease management systems
  • Well-maintained properties, prudent capital investments and competitive, recoverable operating costs
  • Strong tenant satisfaction for higher rates of renewal and lower rollover costs
  • Robust, transparent reporting to support informed decisions