Kemptville Colonnade

Kemptville Colonnade

302 Colonnade Drive, Kemptville, Ontario

Answering community-driven demand for retail development in an underserved market

Kemptville Colonnade

The Opportunity

With no precedent for this type of retail hub in the Kemptville area, we had to build a strong business case that would resonate with both the capital community and prospective retailers — demonstrating market demand and solid demographics to support investment and attract retailers.

The Solution

Drawing on our extensive market development expertise, we engaged in a four-year pre-development process with the municipality, capital partners and retailers to build the business case, anticipate and overcome obstacles, and lay the groundwork for successful execution. By deploying the necessary infrastructure and demonstrating progress, we were able to get investors and retailers on board.

The Result

The retail campus is now firmly established and delivering long-term returns. The original investors exited to an institutional partner and the property has since been turned over to a second post-stabilization acquirer. Colonnade BridgePort continues to manage the property.